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BRING ALL 6 HOME with a CUTE makeup bag!!!


Our Proverbs 31 Lip Glosses are named after Proverb 31 women in the Bible. Women who wore clothing of Strength and Honor. Strong women of God that used the strength and wisdom of God to change lives. Giving them their flowers, while inspiring YOU, to wear God’s strength and honor. Our lightweight glosses deliver a non-sticky, sweet-creamy dose of color to your lips.

Can be worn alone, over your favorite lipstick, and/or using a Lipliner.


Color Description:

“Queen Esther”: A light soft nude Tan

“Mary”: A light soft pastel Pink

“Deborah The Judge”: A light Coral-Pink.

“Hannah”: A medium-deep tone of Coral.

“Queen Sheba”: A strong bright deep Pink.

“Ruth”: Deep Red with a blue undertone

Proverbs 31 Lip gloss Bundle

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$125.00Precio de oferta