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BluArtistry Cosmetics was founded by makeup artist, Nikki Campbell, in 2018. She began the thought of having her own makeup line after clients of all levels, constantly asked what products should they use to touch up and fix an insecurity. Due to her experience of artistry, since 2008, she figured she would conveniently have products on hand for clients and make sure they satisfy their consistent needs.

As a makeup artist in a competitive industry market, Nikki Campbell, did not want to start a makeup brand without it being built on her faith. She refused to do her makeup line, unless God graced it. Once she received confirmation of his grace, BluArtistry Cosmetics was birthed.

"My purpose behind creating BluArtistry Cosmetics, was to provide convenient products to my clients that would fit any needs of theirs that may surface. I eventually would like to have a fully stocked brand of products that pinpoint the needs of woman, that would make them feel "Red Carpet" ready for any event, whether they are a celebrity or not. I want women to not covet one another, but find the beauty in their God-given birthed purpose, and look good living it out!"

-Nikki Campbell, owner of BluArtistry Cosmetics

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